What maximum width can you secure with the Cable Gate?
The Cable Gate can span a distance of up to 8.0m. The minimum span is approximately 4.0m.

Can the Gate close while a vehicle is over the Cable?
No. The Cable Gate is designed to ensure this cannot happen. As a car enters through the Gate the photoelectric beam which passes between the posts is broken. The Gate is held open while the beam is broken. The Gate is programmed to close once the photoelectric beam has been re-established for two seconds. If the beam is temporarily re-established and broken again within two seconds the Gate remains open.

If, for example, a car towing a trailer entered through the Gate and the photoelectric beam was temporarily re-established in the gap between the car and the trailer, the trailer would re-break the beam within two seconds and the Gate would therefore remain open until the trailer had cleared the Gate.

If the car towing a trailer happened to stop while entering through the Gate so that the photoelectric beam was re-established between the car and the trailer for two seconds, the Gate would attempt to close. However, if a load is applied to the cable while it is closing the Gate is programmed to sense the load and the cable will immediately drop back to the ground. Therefore as the cable rose and touched the neck of the trailer, the load would be sensed and the Gate would re-open immediately, thereby avoiding damage to the car or trailer and the Cable Gate.

Vehicle detection road loops can also be used to control the opening and closing of the Gate.

How strong is the Gate?
The Cable Gate has been designed to withstand minor impact loads and to resist damage through tampering by unauthorised people. The 8mm thick stainless steel cable is securely locked inside the steel posts which are securely mounted on substantial concrete footings.

Will people have difficulty seeing the Gate?
No. To maximise the visibility of the Cable Gate to approaching vehicles and pedestrians, we attach a bright orange sheathing to to the cable and highly reflective signage and striping to the Gate posts. We can also install reflective road markers or reflective paint striping on the ground in front of and behind the Gate. We recommend customers provide adequate lighting around the entrance for improved visibility at night.

How quickly does the Gate operate?
Upon receiving an open command the Cable Gate will open within half a second. Upon a vehicle passing through, the Gate will automatically close in approximately 7 seconds.

Do I have to wait for the Gate to close behind the first vehicle before I can use my card or key fob?
No. The Cable Gate is programmed to respond to a second open command before closing behind a first vehicle. Therefore the Gate will remain open to allow access to a second vehicle.

How durable is the cable and the sheathing on the cable?
Both the cable and the sheathing are designed to withstand heavy traffic loads. The cable is made of 8mm diameter stainless steel cable wire. The sheathing is made from rubber with an embedded nylon webbing for additional strength. The wear on the sheathing will depend on the coarseness of the surface it is dropping onto. It is designed to be a low cost, easily replaceable item.

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