• Upon receiving an "open" command, the Locking Latch inside the Master Post is instantly pulled down allowing the Main Cable to fall to the ground under the action of gravity. The Counterweight Bar on the outside of the Passive Post helps to pull the Main Cable out of the Master Post, and lay the cable flat on the ground so that authorised vehicles may enter through the Gate.

• When the Gate is open the Main Cable remains connected to the Master Post by the thinner Pull-in Cable. The Cable remains securely attached to the Passive Post at all times.

• The Gate will remain open for 25 seconds (or any other period that has been programmed, up to a maximum of 65 seconds). If a vehicle has not passed through within this time the Gate will automatically close to resecure the entry. To reopen the Gate, a new "open" command will be required by the Gate Controller.

• When a vehicle passes through the Gate, the Photoelectric Beam is broken. While the Photoelectric beam is broken the Gate is held open. Once the vehicle has cleared the Gate and the Photoelectric Beam is re-established, the Gate will close automatically.

• To close the Gate, the Motor drives a Winch Drum inside the Master Post that winds in the Pull-in Cable. The Pull-in Cable draws the Main Cable in through the Entry Mouth and locks it securely over the Latch inside the Master Post.

• If the Gate receives another "open" command, prior to closing after the passage of the first vehicle, the Gate will remain open to allow the second vehicle to enter before closing automatically.

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